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1. Tree felling2. Pruning3. Cable Bracing4. Road, Rail & Powerline Clearance5. Fruit Tree Pruning6. Hedge Trimming & Ornamental Tree Shaping7. Tree processing and removal

Options: Ground Felling, Section Felling and Rigging, Hoist and Crane Felling.

Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous work. If you’ve got a large tree on your property and can’t imagine how it will be removed, don’t stress – our staff knows just how to break down a felling task into safe and manageable stages.

Our experienced and qualified team can safely and efficiently remove trees even in all challenging situations.

1 Rigging 4

Options: Thinning, Dead wood removal, Crown lifting, Crown Reduction, Pollarding.

There are many different types of pruning depending on tree needs.

Primary reasons for pruning include removing dead branches, removing crowded or rubbing limbs for the best form, eliminating hazards, reducing crown size, improving sunlight and air movement throughout the tree.

2 Crown Reduction

Options: Static, Dynamic

Cable bracing provides extra safety support for branches and limbs with weak unions.

These systems are especially useful in protecting your valuable specimen trees from splitting stems/trunks and tearing limbs.

2 Crown reduction 6

Nordic Arb has the experienced staff and equipment necessary to safely reduce or fell trees and vegetation that has become to close to overhead power line networks, roads and rail.

4 Power line Clearance 1

Options: Aesthetic, Fruit production, Maintenance prune. 

There are many ways to prune fruit trees, whether it’s for aesthetics or fruit production.

By pruning a fruit tree correctly from the beginning, it leads to a well-shaped and healthy tree. A maintenance pruning means dead, diseased or damaged branches are removed, as are those that cross each other and grow densely.

Pruning should be done at regular intervals (annually) and the correct time of year to reduce stress.

5 Fruit tree pruning 4

Options: Light re-trimming, shaping, Height/Width reduction.

Hedge pruning or hedge trimming and shrub pruning are key to maintaining a beautiful property.

Unless hedges or shrubs are pruned on a regular basis (minimum annually), they will become larger until they’re overgrown or they become trees.

6 Hedge trimming 2

Options: Whole tree removal, Brash only, Fire wood production.

At Nordic Arb OÜ we have the machinery necessary to remove fast and efficiently all brash and heavy timber produced on site if required.

We can also process timber into firewood if desired by the customer.

We ensure that all work sites are left clean and tidy on job completion. ­­­

7 Wood processing 1